Woolly Wally
Handmade & Ewenique: needle-felted craftwork and woven textiles

Creative Crafts

I like being able to give a use to products that are not otherwise going to get used. And sheep hair is such a great material for making textured models. 

I have also shunned plastic since 2019 and so good bye googly eyes (now all needled) and individually packed small items – every small action helps, but if you wonder why your things don’t come in a wee wrapper now you know why!

Recycled materials are also used for shipping goods off island.

In addition to making needle felted models I also make 3 dimensional wall hangings from this sheep hair. I can even be commissioned to make things from your own pet sheep fibre- get in contact to discuss getting you own “ewe”-nique souvenir of your flock!

Some of my creations (and some of my woolly babies) are here, more information on all these items are available at the Facebook Shop.

Woven Yarns

In 2019 I recommenced hand weaving the Pure North Ronaldsay Yarn- firstly on a ridged heddle loom and, towards the end of the year, on my newly acquired vintage 4 shaft floor loom. 

I mainly use remnant yarns that are produced at the end of the plying process in the Mill, but do also use virgin yarn if no “unloved wool” is available- I like to be resourceful when using things that are in limited supply and North Ronaldsay wool is a very rare resource as there are only about 2000 native sheep on the island!